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Dear partners,

So far, we have got significant experience and earned status of the leader in air heating sector. Clients are our major focus and we know for sure what they need: heat and comfort. Exactly our air heating equipment is designed for maintaining warm and comfortable conditions in buildings.
We have worked out solutions applying effective technologies used world-wide that allow not only to save money, but also care about the environment.
The other crucial factor is volume of energy consumed that increases user’s operating expenses. That is why we use components that facilitate in maximum efficiency, on the one hand, and cost reduction, on the other hand. Simultaneously, control elements enable to trace climatic conditions providing comfort in the building, and to apply the equipment effectively.
Wide range of products guarantees solution of any problems which our partners encounter. We are able to heat almost any buildings of any area.
Cooperating with installers for many years, we follow transparent trade policy and provide antidumping terms. We are certain about high quality of our equipment that is why we offer favorable warranty conditions.
Our clients are satisfied with PROTON and ready to give their positive references any time.
Our specialists are ready to share company’s best practices and from time to time we hold seminars about peculiarities our PROTON products functioning.

We guarantee:

  • Provision of technical and marketing documentation.
  • Technical consultations.
  • Support phone line for fast reaction on problems our clients are facing.
  • Grounding the decisions made.
  • Fulfillment of obligations we committed (delivery terms, documents, warranty obligations etc.).
  • Bonuses for the loyal clients.


Our achievements speak for themselves. We are reliable and trustworthy partner!